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1.  Volunteeringis an internship to LIFE.

2.  Volunteering
is free but the memories are priceless.

3.  Volunteering
is experiencing freedom.

4.  Volunteering
is “like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get”, like from a
quote a from a movie. J

5.  Volunteering
is an adventure.

6.  Volunteering
goes both ways…giving and receiving. More than often, you get more than you

7.  Volunteering
makes your CV hot.

8.  Volunteering
is amazing.

9.  Volunteering
is cool.

10.  Volunteering
is a good gap year activity after graduating college.

11.  In
volunteering, you have nothing to lose.

12.  Volunteering
will make you a better person.

13.  Volunteering
is a learning experience. The lessons you will learn will make you wiser in

14.  Volunteering
is an act of goodness.

15.  Volunteering
is something you can be proud of for the rest of your life.

16.  Volunteering
gives you the feeling of fulfillment.

17.  Volunteering
can be difficult but afterwards everything will be easy.

18.  Volunteering
teaches adherence “malasakit” and
compassion for others.

19.  Volunteering
strengthens unity and solidarity of the community.

20.  Volunteering
is meeting friends and family.

21.  Volunteering
is living life to the fullest.

22.  Volunteering
teaches how to build and keep relationships.

23.  Volunteering
is one of the happiest things to do in life.

24.  Volunteering
is happiness.

25.  Volunteering
is a way for you to find yourself through others.

26.  Volunteering
is building a community.

27.  Volunteering
is LOVE.

28.  Volunteering
is cheezy.

Continue the list! Share your thoughts about volunteering,
complete the sentence – “Volunteering is __________________ .” or make your own
shout out about volunteering.

Let’s all be volunteers! Be proud of being one!

– Vincent Paul Borres Ontolan (VSO – ICS Team VI100)

Author: voluntree
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