A great infuser to top your favorite mug. Beautiful and fun to use

Although it is plastic, so far pretty durable and it makes a great infuser to top your favorite mug. Beautiful and fun to use., January 12, 2016
This review is from: The Fine Life Ideal Gift Bottom Dispensing Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer 16oz

Coffee and Tea Infusing has become really big. Not just for flavors but infusing health into the mix.

I have friends who swear by Green tea in many different combinations. Matcha has become a big new tea trend. It has amazing helath benefits and it is a good blender to add other flavors and things to to make it reasonably palatable. My friends tell me it grows on you like an acquired taste, well .. right now, I am still in the early phases of that acquiring. I am able to sweeten it with honey and other natural sweeteners and get it drinkable, but I am hoping to not only use it but learn to enjoy it.

This does for both coffee and tea, so I can infuse vanilla beans or cinnamon sticks as well for flavors that are not sweetening to change up or disguise some of the stronger flavors I get from coffee and certain teas. This holds 16 oz which is 2 cups and that is about 2 servings. That saves time, because that is ALL I can do in one day and it is enough to do for two if you each just have a cup!

I like to use the items listing and then in parentheses I will add my comments about the products claims so that we are comparing apples to apples here:
• The clear BPA-free Tritan(TM) container lets you see your tea or coffee brew to perfection. No more guessing how much you’ve made or when it’s ready. 1-2 cups served or fill your mega mug! (When you are on a strict diet or sharing, amounts are important to get right. Adding things to this is like a formula or recipe and you want consistent and repeatable reproducible results!)
• Load & brew – Set it flat, add a measure of loose tea or coffee grounds plus swirling hot water. Steeping tea expands and floats releasing more flavor rather than when crammed in a tea ball or bag. (This also allows it to get much more intense and thus you don’t need to use as much and save money and product over time!)
• Dispense – The patented drain mechanism dispenses into your tea cup or coffee mug and the fine mesh strainer keeps the leaves in the tea maker. Drip right over ice for instant iced tea or coffee! (No one wants grains and granules in their mouth or teeth, it is nasty and unappealing! Making your own iced tea or coffees saves tremendous money as these can run you $3 or more a cup!)
• Rinse Clean – Hand wash by running warm water to easily clear your Infuser then towel dry. No more picking particles out of your French Press wire or wasting liners or plastic pods. (Save more money on supplies and more likely to use it when you don’t have a lot of moving pieces to have to take apart or buy each visit to the store. Easy makes it more appealing to use!)
• Bonuses include a 1tsp spoon, extra filter and an acrylic extender to fit your Ideal Infuser over any sized mug. Logo lets you measure the amount of water you’ve poured into the pot. (The value of these bonuses makes this value set something that you want to share with others, but will keep for yourself!)

As you can see the claims I found to be true and correct, my only issue at all and it was minimal was the plastic construction. All of this feels really great and works really neat, but as a plastic design I am constantly being on guard to not use too hot of water, and I want to dishwash but can not, and just want to see a more sturdy construction that is likely to last longer .. once a piece of this breaks.. it is a goner for the whole set and that makes me pretty apprehensive.

My favorite part about this has got to be the teapot look it gives you when you set it above your favorite mug! It is fancy and feels English royalty to me. My friends thought it was fun and whimsical, but I was feeling pretty distinguished and proper!

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