Welcome To The Fine Life

This website is uniquely dedicated to helping you Design YOUR Ideal Lifestyle

After decades of sharing what makes life fun, interesting, new, enlivening (‘fine‘) it seemed time to bring that idea out where we could share it.

  • What’s trending that you might not know about
  • What other folks are doing, thinking and sharing that might inspire you to as well
  • Images, tools, ideas that will make you laugh, share with others, find useful enough to add them to YOUR life

On these pages we’re sharing what we uncover in 3 arenas:

(Sure, we know they overlap, but we had to organize it all somehow, right?)

At Home

Where You Live

Out And About

Where You Spend Your Time Outside Your Home


Where You Go When You Head Away From Your Normal Days


Where WE Go To Make A Difference In The World

So why The Fine Life site? Linda Feinholz, founder of The Fine Life brand is an adventurer, traveller, explorer of ideas, places, food, art. Over the years she and her friends and colleagues have shared their “Been HERE, Done THIS, You’d LOVE it!” stories and experiences.