World Class – Monaco – Luxury Travel

The Principality of Monaco. The home of so many things – extravagance, super yachts, Grand Prix races, Celebrities – this principality is the most famous of them all.
In true style and in key to its glitzy personality this programme is drenched in more luxury than any of our others!
Be prepared to fly around on a private helicopter, take a Rolls Royce Phantom to go window shopping, go on board a privately owned 212 ft, 80 million euro super yacht and see the cathedral where Grace Kelly was married to Prince Rainier.

Where we stayed:
Our luxurious hotel is the newly refurbished ‘Metropole Hotel’ in Monte Carlo – right next door to the Monte Carlo Casino which is very convenient for all those gamblers out there! This hotel oozes sophistication and class of a modern genre with its fantastic Spa facilities, dedicated Japanese restaurant, Castle like lobbies and a Joel Robuchon restaurant

World Class Luxury Travel – Switzerland

Zermatt is the location for some of the best skiing on this planet… check out the igloo too in this fantastic World Class episode.


WORLDS MOST EXPENSIVE HOTEL – EMIRATES PALACE in ABU DHABI – LUXURY TRAVEL Inside TOUR The Emirates Palace is a seven star luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Most Luxurious Bus — Luxury Travel destinations in India on a Bus

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Most Luxurious Coach Bus — Luxury Travel destinations in India
Ultra-wide recliner seats, conference rooms, individual tables and chillers, fancy restrooms and pantries, even a spa — these swank, super-luxury buses are geared to give air travel a run for its money
On an online travel forum, an American tourist recounts with fascination his journey from Delhi to Shimla on a state bus 20 years ago. “It started with a window seat, and ended al fresco, with me — and a few hundred other people and their livestock — on the roof of the bus. It was by far the most enjoyable ride I’ve had.”
Having thus raised the bar for foreign tourists — by giving them, and everyone else, the everyday equivalent of a theme park ride — intercity buses have sobered up in the last decade. They’ve worked hard at safety and sophistication and sworn off their weakness for on-road circus tricks, ring-mastered , as was often the case, by a happy inebriate.
But not content to stop at a straight drive, superior suspension, air-conditioning and drapes, buses today offer a host of luxury features that actually rival aircraft travel. Gliding on Volvo and Daimler chassis , Wi-fi-enabled interiors fitted out with personal LCD screens and preloaded DVDs, 23-inch seats that recline almost 160 degrees, with restrooms and pantries, sometimes even a spa out back, they’re far from the bile-streaked deathtraps that once took you to the hills. Some tour operators are peddling them as ‘7-star coaches at first class train fares’ . For customers, wedged between a rock (runaway air fares) and a hard place (trains), these new liners of luxury are just the ticket.
Yesterday, Siddhi Vinayak Logistic Ltd (SVLL), the commercial vehicles manufacturer introduced its ultra-luxurious ‘7-star’ bus, the SVLL Connect in Surat. These vehicles have been manufactured by Scania, the Swedish automotive manufacturer, operating now in India . About 120 SVLL Connect buses will hit the roads in two years, fanning out initially to the south and west. “Keeping in mind corporate needs, the bus will house a conference room with projectors and Wi-Fi connection, and will match aircraft comfort,” says Deepak Baid, director SVLL. In addition to the bells and whistles, these buses will also cut short travel time. “These 31-seaters with all the necessary facilities will reduce travel time by at least 15%,” he promises.
According to TEAMPro, a market consultancy, the Indian luxury bus segment is currently valued at Rs 3,000 crore, with an annual growth rate of 15% to 20%. Having done the math, some tour operators have opted for the high road after weighing such factors as improved roadnetworks, demanding customers and limited options in transport. They’re ready to invest up to Rs 3 crore per modified vehicle.
Parveen Travels, a travel company confined, till now, to south India , claims to be the first in the country to introduce online bus reservation and complete passenger insurance cover, as well as the first to offer a two-channel personal entertainment system. Mohammed A Aarif, director, says 20 % of his fleet of over 800 buses belongs to the top tier. “The luxury bus segment is bound to grow,” he predicts, “Aviation prices are rising and not everyone prefers trains and tickets are hard to come by,” he says. Parveen recorded a growth of 22% last year.

With talk of cabin crew, gourmet meals, conference rooms, and onboard entertainment, you could fool yourself into believing you’re flying, even if on the road. Billionaire Millionaire rich “super rich” mega wealth Monaco private elite exclusive India “top travel destinations” “most luxurious bus” CEO “Forbes richest” luxury Monaco wealth Palace house home mansion yacht supercar superbus “big boy toys” cash usd dubai money London Europe uk usa America vip preview “get rich” jet plane 2015 2014 2013 “luxury travel” What’s more, companies like SVLL and The Blue Hills Group — it plies the Olivea line of super luxury buses — even have premium lounges. Olivea also boasts of a customer loyalty programme.
“We see a major surge towards bus travel with more luxury coaches coming up for intercity and interstate travel,” says Mohit Grover, Inventory Manager with the ticketing company, one of the many that have emerged to meet the market. Of the 30,000 bookings a day, 70% account for luxury buses at Redbus. “Air travel is still not the preferred option for shorter routes which can be covered in 6-10 hours by bus because of the price difference . So, those who want a comfortable journey and don’t mind paying a little extra, luxury bus travel is becoming a viable choice,” he says.
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World Class – Italy – luxury travel in Venice, Portofino and the Amalfi Coast

Luxury travel in Venice, Portofino and the Amalfi Coast. Hotels Featured are the famous Orient-Express Cipriani, Hotel Splendido and Hotel Caruso.

This series was produced for the US travel channel. Now owned by PBS Media a Jersey based video production company. Check out for your own content creation at affordable prices anywhere on the globe!

The Luxurious Show – Pangkor Laut, Malaysia. (A Luxury Travel Episode)

In this episode of the Luxurious Magazine luxury show, the team visits Pangkor Laut, a 300 acre private tropical island, off the West Coast of Malaysia.

In our on-going quest to find the most luxurious places, products and services in the world, we try the very best that this wonderful island has to offer. During our visit we stay in one of the private estates on Pangkor Laut, the Suria Suite, the largest of the iconic Sea Villas, and follow in the footsteps of Luciano Pavarotti by staying in the villa named in his honour.

We shall also look at the other type of accommodation on offer, the activities, spa services and of course the food. Watch as the founder of Luxurious Magazine, Paul Godbold [CIOJ], international expert on the subject of luxury takes you around and provides a video and audio assessment of this slice of paradise.

You can read the written article on and the Pavarotti Villa feature in the magazine is available to read for free on

W Retreat & Spa Maldives – Luxury Travel Magazine

Anastasia Fai from Style & Image goes on location for Luxury Travel Magazine to showcase the beautiful W Retreat & Spa Maldives. W Hotels is renowned for funky and exciting resorts and this one located in the middle of a beautiful paradise is no exception.

DUBAI – A Country Of Pure Luxury – Travel Documentary

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World Class – Luxury Mediterranean Super-yacht Cruise

Welcome aboard the Super -yacht ‘Pure Bliss’ for a trip from Portofino in Italy to stay in the famous Carlton Hotel in Cannes France, via Monaco… Enjoy this fabulous episode of World Class from the Travel TV producers Hall TV. NEW Note from the editor…. for the latest details on Pure Bliss now M/Y LADY J see

Ultra Luxury Travel: Inside Singapore Airlines’ Private Suites

In an age when some airlines are forcing passengers into the ever-smaller sardine can that is economy class, others are making room for a luxurious experienc.

Emirates Airline First Class Flight – Total Luxury Travel


World Class Luxury Travel – Jamaica

Jamaica’ the home of reggae and rum. Can you do ‘World Class’ here? Well we think so! The island is 145 miles long and 50 miles wide and so offers plenty to .

2015 Keystone Outback 298RE Rear Entertainment Three Slide Luxury Travel Trailer


Abercrombie & Kent: Luxury Travel, Kruger Park Safari Experience, South Africa

Arrive in Johannesburg and set off to the Kruger National Park which offers some of the best game viewing in South Africa. A short flight in a light aircraft will ensure you arrive at one of our preferred Private Game Lodges where you will enjoy incredible luxury and encounters with the Big five.

Luxury Cruise Airship Concept Redefines Air Travel

Don’t like flying in commercial jets? Then say hello to the ‘luxury cruise airship’ concept.

Don’t like flying in commercial jets?
Then say hello to the ‘luxury cruise airship’. The simple goal of the concept air vehicle is to allow passengers to travel anywhere in a short amount of time while still being able to take in magnificent views from above.

From a distance the shape resembles a modern day airship and close inspection reveals a large gondola underneath, but with soaring windows giving the aircraft a futuristic touch.

The interior of the aircraft is where a yacht or cruise ship aspect comes in. Geared towards encouraging social interactions, there are large spaces where travelers can meet and greet.

The lobby has bench styled sofas and tables along with a gathering area which resembles a bar.

Bedrooms are also on the aircraft boasting simplistic and modern decor. Each space has large floor to ceiling windows which offer stunning views of the surroundings.

How do you like the design? Would you want to take a ride in the cruise airship?

World Class – Goa- Luxury Travel

Goa – India. Click and enjoy this programme on Goa in Southern India – A region rich with wildlife, stunning beaches and of course spicy food! Here the team look at the incredible wildlife and beaches of this former Portuguese Colony that’s perhaps better known for the hippy trail than its luxury hotels.

But ‘World Class’ sets the record straight by featuring two of the best hotels in the region… Where we stayed: The Intercontinental and the Taj Exotica. Enjoy this preview of World Class – Goa

Top 3 Luxury Travel Destinations 2012: Maldives, Mauritius, Dubai

Browse the world at Top 3 Luxury Travel Destinations for 2012 1 Maldives Luxury Holiday Sun, sea and sand are the three ingredients b.

Travel Diary : KOREA

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the company 🙂 Korea was one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever experienced. The food, beauty, nature and culture really inspired me. Hope this ignites your wanderlust. xoxo Mish

Thank you Korea Tourism Organization for hosting my team and I 🙂 We had a wonderful experience taking part of the To”ur Imagination campaign! 감사합니다 ♥

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Park Hyatt Seoul

VIDI VICI Cosmetics by Lee KyungMin

284: Instead, Ikan Karak

Author: 365xn

Sorry, everyone, I forgot to take a picture of myself today. I got shots of many other things around Sanur, but I forgot about the self-portrait thingy. Instead, ikan karak, or grilled and seasoned fish. They cooked this right before our eyes (never eat any street food that isn’t cooked in front of you, in Bali) and we brought it home and had it with rice vermicelli and vegetables. It was so fantastic, Rebecca insists that this become a regular Monday night ritual, which is fine with me and Sam. This street vendor, called “Swiss” for no apparent reason, is almost right across the street from IALF Bali, our school. I tried to talk to the guy grilling it, but the only English he knows is “Sorry, I don’t understand,” and the only Bahasa I know is thank you, good morning, and fish.

Author: 365xn

Bhutan Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Bhutan.
The independent kingdom of Bhutan is located in Southeast Asia, most of it being two thousand metres above sea level and is situated between India in the south and Tibet in the north. Until the 1960’s Bhutan was protected from intruders due to its geographical location and was totally cut off from the outside world. Thimphu is the capital of Bhutan. On the northern edge of the city on the banks of the Wang River is the Pangri Zampa Temple, two impressive white buildings in the centre of a monastery. A school of astrology is located behind an unusually long prayer wall of carved stones surrounded by a forest of cypress trees. The road to Punakha travels across the Dochula Pass from the top of which more than a hundred chortens appear in the mist. A chorten is a container for religious offerings that symbolize Buddha’s consciousness in the Himalayan countries, and are therefore sacred. As quickly as it arrives, the fog vanishes, and the Druk Wangyal Ihakhang Temple suddenly appears out of nowhere. At the end of a valley, about fifteen kilometres from Paro, and located on a hill, is the once proud Drukgyal Dzong Fortress. At its foot, the beautiful village of Tsento nestling against protective rocks and surrounded by fertile fields which are brown or green according to the season of the year. Bhutan is an amazing country has retained its ancient traditions, religious secrets and cultural identity.