When Is A Bike An Even Better Bike?

Do you remember learning to ride a bike? I recall my father holding the back of the seat and trotting along with me once the training wheels were taken off. After that I just recall the sheer pleasure of riding in the sunshine, the breeze on my face.

In later years I had a 10-speed. My sister took it to college, where it was stolen and that was the end of my biking.


When I see the beautiful, unusual new bikes that Epo is prototyping, I’m tempted to take up biking once again! How about you?

Is It Time To Spring Load Your Desktop?

On the South side of my office rests my standing desk. I built it myself the year my body said “NO! I won’t sit at a desk any more. You can’t make me!” In the following years it’s become the “in” thing to use a standing desk. Yet sometimes, just sometimes, I actually DO want to sit. Ikea and other kickstarted projects are making it much easier to make that choice:


Watch the video demo here and let us know what you think!