Excellent performer, way sturdier than Misto

4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent performer, way sturdier than Misto-good expectation of a long life–but not as aesthetically pleasing to look at 😉, June 20, 2015
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This review is from: The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister Air Pressure Pump Action Sprayer Red
This mister works as well as advertised. It comes with good instructions and helpful hints come in an email. Especially with regard to using vinegar and lemon to clean it.

I gave it 4 stars instead five for purely aesthetic reasons – not for functionality. I’ve been using the MISTO sprayer for many years. I always had two so when I cleaned one (with soap and water), the other was available.

But recently both Misto’s stopped functioning well. I checked on Amazon (where I bought them) and was surprise dto see that they were 7 and 8 years old. So I figured it was time to buy new ones.

When I came on line to Amazon — I discovered a lot of negative reviews of Misto in the very recent years – that it failed rather quickly- in a matter of months – whereas my old Mistos took several years to fail.

I looked around for another and saw The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister and read the reviews. It is nearly 3 x as expensive as the Misto but the reviews have been consistently positive.

So I decided to order one to see how it worked out. I got several emails of “support” before the item even arrived 🙂

It works superbly. It is clearly quite solidly made — much mores so than the Misto. I expect it to last very well for many years. — So it is definitely worth the money.

However, I am not wild about The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister’s bulbous design – for purely visual reasons — not functionality. As I have said — it seems to work superbly — and if I don’t update this review that means it continues to do so.

I live in and apartment built in the 1960’s when postage-sized kitchens were considered the height of elegance. And I have a strong interest in art and an artistic environment. I have original paintings and weavings on the walls — even my postage size kitchen has a couple of Cezanne repritns framed and hung higher up above the two doorways for aesthetic pleasure.

The Misto has an elegant design. It is sleek and aesthetic and will fit with any kitchen décor. The Fine Life Reminds me of 1950’s suburbia in its appearance.

Perhaps the shape is necessary to maintain the excellent functioning. But I put this message here in hopes that perhaps the designers of the product might think of a more aesthetic version. But then — that’s just me….

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