Indian Street Food Scene- The Skillful Master Chefs in the Street Kitchens of India

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Are you crazy to taste some of the great foods? India is a home of some of the most popular,delicious and amazing street foods around the world.In India you can discover new and interesting street foods and vendors in each and every streets of India. Indian food is always been in the mind of every traveler and millions of people from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Russia, China, Thailand, Italy, Dubai, Pakistan etc, travel to India to taste and see her great food, an interesting cultures and expert culinary skills of the Street Food Masters.

Where you should try Indian Street Food when you are traveling from the above mentioned countries?

In the Following cities you must try some of the Great, Crazy and Mouth watering Street Foods.

Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Amritsar, Ahmedaba, Kerala, Bangalore, Surat, Varanasi, Rajkot, Jamnagar, Kanpur, Kochi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Indore, Vadodara, Madurai, Mysore, Bikaner, Kota, Ludhiana etc.

Which are the most Popular Indian Street Foods?

Pani Puri / Gol Gappa / Puchka.
Pav Bhaji.
Vada Pav.
Dosa/ Masala Dosa/ Papper Dosa/Maisuri Dosa,
Egg Fry./Kadi or Anda Bhurji.
Egg Rolls.
Chicken Rolls.
Bhel Puri.
Hyderabadi Biryanis.
Khaman Dhokla.
Tea and Coffee.
Ice Cream/ Kesar Pista- Lata- Mango etc.
Chole Bature.
Chana Garam/ Chana Masala.
Bread Pakoda.
Onion Pakoda.

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