The Fine Life Loose Leaf Tea Infuser
and Coffee Brewer

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The clear BPA-free Tritan(TM) container lets you see your tea or coffee brew to perfection. No more guessing how much you’ve made or when it’s ready. 1-2 cups served or fill your mega mug!

    • Load & brew – Set it flat, add a measure of loose tea or coffee grounds plus swirling hot water. Steeping tea expands and floats releasing more flavor rather than when crammed in a tea ball or bag.
    • Dispense – The patented drain mechanism dispenses into your tea cup or coffee mug and the fine mesh strainer keeps the leaves in the tea maker. Drip right over ice for instant iced tea or coffee!
    • Rinse Clean – Hand wash by running warm water to easily clear your Infuser then towel dry. No more picking particles out of your French Press wire or wasting liners or plastic pods.

Bonuses include a 1tsp spoon, extra filter and an acrylic extender to fit your Ideal Infuser over any sized mug.

    • The acrylic spoon can be used to measure a heaping teaspoon of looseleaf tea or honey to sweeten your brew.
    • The acrylic extender ring lets you comfortably put your infuser over a mega mug to get a full cup of your favorite coffee.
    • The additional filter lets you remove and soak one periodically for deep cleaning while still using your infuser without interruptions.

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      • The lid shuts to preserve the heat while your leaves are steeping and bounds are brewing.
      • The logo lets you measure the amount of water you’ve poured into the pot and match it to the capacity of your tea cup or mug.
      • The coaster provides protection against any drips while your tea or coffee brews.

HAND WASHING only – Do not place in the dishwasher!

Our users report that they find the Infuser so much easier to use to brew and to clean that they are setting aside their French Press

    • The fine mesh screen captures all the grounds no matter how finely formed.
    • One or two swishes of warm water and your infuser is clean.
  • No more fear of breaking fragile glass and needing to replace your press again and again!

For How To Use Steps Click Here

Here is What They’re Saying About The Ideal Infuser

The Ideal Infuser brews the perfect cup of tea or coffee!

“It’is fun to use and easy to clean. And there’s never any residual taste from tea or coffee I’ve made in it.”

“No more tea balls with exploding swollen contents!”

“No more time spent trying to clean out my French Press (or breaking it when it knocks against the sink rim)”

“I like that I can put my sweetener in it so that it is being sweetened while it is steeping (no stirring required)!”

“The mesh strainer is cone shaped, with the white plastic part sticking up in the air. Just reach in, grasp the white plastic part, and wiggle (gently!) back and forth. It came out easily, and was a breeze to put back in.”

“Durable enough to last for a long time with daily use”.

“Mine still looks like the day I bought it” “I love the way it looks out on my counter”

Tips For Using Your Ideal Infuser

Hold the Infuser level over the sink with the lid open as you fill your favorite cup with water and pour into the Infuser.

Now you know how much hot water to use tin the Infuser. Use the logo on the side to quickly measure your water level.

For daily cleaning Simply rinse with hot water. Fill with water, swirl it around, use 1 finger to push up on the base so water runs through the mesh strainer and exit, pour out the remainder and towel dry

For periodic deep cleaning

The Container – add a table spoon of baking soda to the container and use a soft brush to scrub the sides and bottom outside edge. The baking soda removes any stains without scratching.

The Mesh Screen – grip plastic tip in the center and twist it firmly to pop it out of the groove. Use a soft cloth to wash each side. Then rinse it and let it dry.

A perfect year-round gift. Watch for our discounts on bundles along with teas and mugs. Light enough to take with you when you travel. Get 2 one for work and the other for home

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