Now… What does this mean

Now… What does this mean, exactly?

Well, for those of you that don’t know, next year once I finish school I am going to Guyana (in south america… Right next to Venezuela) to teach for a whole year! This fancy little map is showing where the virtual version of myself is if the percentage of money I have already raised is directly proportional to miles.

As you can see, I still have far to go.

My role as volunteer in Guyana is to teach maths and science to secondary school pupils. My pupils will be the native Amerindian people, and likely of a similar age to myself. These people will rely on me to get them through their exams, equivalent to GCSEs…. Gulp!

I will live far in the rainforest, with radio being my only means of day to day communication with the outside world. I will be entirely immersed in the culture, which I am very excited about.

I am doing this with educational charity Project Trust. They have been established since 1967 and are one of the UKs most trusted voluntary gap year organizations. They ensure all work volunteers do is much needed and cannot be done by locals, so they are not detrimental to the local economy. For example, in Guyana, there is a void regarding maths and science teachers… Which is where I come in.

It has been my dream for many years to do this. I am so excited about this opportunity and to see it becoming reality is absolutely incredible.

So I beg of you, please support me in any way you can. It would mean the world to me. Here is my fundraising page, where you can donate online if you wish:

Here is my blog:

My blog contains lots of good information, such as what I am up to regarding fundraising, and links to my Facebook page.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me this far, and to anyone who will help me get further!

If you have any questions or want more information, please just drop me a message or an ask. I will be more than happy to answer.


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