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The Fine Life™ Ideal Oil Mister lets you choose exactly the amount of oil you want to use, where you want to use it, whether you’re on a Paleo diet, eat Raw or Vegan, are using HCG or just love flavor. This FDA Approved air pressure system Eliminates Smelly Chemical Propellants From Your Food!

EASY TO USE – A twist of the wrist to open and fill it, then tighten the nozzle in the container. 6-9 easy pumps builds up the air pressure. Set aside the pump cap and press gently down on the nozzle to obtain the faintest mist on the market

LIGHTWEIGHT – Made from the highest quality materials, it’s portable design lets you take it with you from kitchen to table, outdoors, even on your vacations – perfect for your beach, boat, RV for food preparation. Fill it with water and toss it in with your golf clubs to cool off on the course, or take it with on your hikes or to concerts to stay fresh.

MULTIPURPOSE – Whether preparing eggs, fish, steaks, salads, grilled vegetables, or your baking pans, the lightest mist of the exact oil you want is all it takes to create the result you want without needing to pour off excess oil or waste paper towels patting dry. Fill one with vinegars and lemon juice to zest up your recipes. You can even fill it with water to mist your plants. Ideal Mister users are even putting in their homemade sunscreen and hair lightening mixes whether at home or vacationing.

Imagine using the exact amount of healthy oils you want in your cooking and food preparation every time

– Pump a fine mist of oil to coat your skillet
– Spritz your popcorn to hold salts and spices
– Double coat your favorite salads
– Fine coat your baking pans for breads, cupcakes, cookies, toffees and more
– Spray your fish and meats before baking or grilling

Use exactly what you need for perfect cooking and flavoring. Just A TOUCH OF MIST for eggs or grilling vegetables without them dripping!

Create Optimal Health For Yourself, Your Family, Your Friends!

Cooks, chefs and weekend barbecue warriors are raving about The Fine Life™ Ideal Oil Mister

  1. This BPA-free and Non-Aerosol oil mister gives you the oil you want with a burst of AIR pressure – just pure oil!
  2. NO More Chemical-Laden Oils Blasted All Over Your Kitchen
  3. No more smell, no more mess to clean up
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