Press Release: Make the perfect cuppa with The Fine Life Ideal Bottom Dispensing Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer

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Take pleasure in the relaxing ritual of making the perfect cup of tea or coffee with The Fine Life Ideal Bottom Dispensing Loose Leaf Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer.

Launching in the UK from the US, The Fine Life Ideal Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer, with its patented drain mechanism and five-star reviews on Amazon, releases more flavour than instant coffee or tea bags.

Just add loose tea or coffee and hot water for one or two people. Steeping tea or coffee expands and floats and the fine mesh strainer contains the leaves or grounds, eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful plastic pods or coffee liners. Watch as it steeps to the desired strength before dripping straight into the cup. The extender ring, which is included, means the Infuser will drain into a cup or mug of any size.

Play around with different tea and coffee flavours to find the perfect brew and strength. For a refreshing beverage, drip straight over ice for instant iced tea or coffee. The BPA-free Infuser is also very easy to clean – simply rinse in warm water.

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Download Press Release as PDF   |    Download High Quality images

About The Fine Life

Linda Feinholz, founder of The Fine Life, has spent 20 years as a successful business consultant working on a number of global brands including Disney, Mattel and Avon. Linda has also helped many small businesses and start-ups grow through her highly respected business acumen. Linda’s real passion is creating products that enable people to play with different flavours, colours and tastes and so in 2014 she set up The Fine Life brand.

After months in development and testing, she brought The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister to market. The Mister’s unique high-quality build and durability made it an overnight success. She developed the range, retaining the same product values, to include highly successful The Fine Life Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer and Mug.
In 2016, seeing how important high-quality food and drink is to British people (especially tea and coffee), she decided to bring The Fine Life to the UK.

Along the way, Linda wants to continue to help other business grow, which is why working with small independent tea and coffee producers across the UK is so important to her.

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