[PRESS RELEASE] The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister Wins 2014 Award From Real Stress Solutions


The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister Wins 2014 Award From Real Stress Solutions

The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister Wins 2014 Award From Real Stress SolutionsNovember 7, 2014 – Los Angeles, California — Feinholz Inc is delighted to announce receiving an award for the Best New Kitchen Product of 2014. Based in Los Angeles, California, the company has been setting repeated national sales records for their new Flagship Product product, The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister.

“This award marks the beginning of the recognition for all the ways this oil mister sprayer can significantly contribute to health and wellbeing.” says Linda Feinholz, Founder and President of Feinholz Inc.

“It’s become clearer over the past 10 years that we are what we eat. The dietary advice of the past two generations telling all of us to eliminate oils has been proven to be adversely affecting our health. Our normal physical functioning depends on our getting the best oils, every day.” said Ms. Feinholz.

“There are meals in which we want to be getting all our Omega oils. What that means for cooks and chefs is we can pour olive oil over our salads, and then use flavor infused oils to add taste instead of loading our meals with salts, and enjoy every bite.” She continued, “I’m tremendously proud of the award from Real Stress Solutions magazine. They’re a highly respected publication that shares every aspect of stress in life and how to control, diminish and even eliminate it. Our daily diet is a significant contributor to our stress.”

Ms. Feinholz believes the Ideal Mister is poised to create significant changes in the pleasure families can take in their meals. “We are just finalizing plans for how to share our mister users’ recipes and ideas with other mister owners,” she stated. “We’ll be sharing those in the product reviews at Amazon.com, on our The Fine Life blog and through facebook groups.”

Feinholz Inc was founded in June 2006. It is based in Los Angeles, California with all of their products currently distributed online.

About Feinholz Inc

Feinholz Inc’s brand The Fine Life(TM) is the maker of the FDA-approved, BPA-free, non-aerosol mister for use in food preparation, The Ideal Oil Mister. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00LZ7A2TG)

Linda Feinholz
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